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Posted on Apr 14, 2012 | 0 comments

Minifigures Series 7 The Feel Guide.

Series 7 is still new and there is not a complete bump code list at the moment.

So lets find another way to detect the correct minifigure. With minifigures series 6 we where able to recognize all figs using our finger tips. We were never successful in detecting the correct minifigs via its bump codes. Thats why we stopped believing in the bump codes anymore. When you start feeling the bags make sure to have a list with all the minifigures at hand. This will help you verify the object you are feeling from the image.

  • Aztec Warrior

Try to detect the spear and  the shield. Also the helmet  is easy as it is very awkward shaped. The shield is round so difficult to mistake.

  • Bagpiper

minifigures series 7 Bag Piper

It is easy to find the round shaped hat with the knob in the middle. The weird shaped bagpipes will confirm the bagpiper.

  • Bride
Minifigures series 7 Bride
The dress brick is the biggest brick in the bag. and it only has sides. 2 dots on top and a 4 square hole on the bottom.
The flowers come in a set of four connected to each other. Not the hardest.
  • Bunny Suit Guy
minfigures series 7 bunny suit guy
The ears are the easiest to recognize.
  • Computer Programmer
minifigures series 7 Computer nerdca
The coffee cup is already known the same for the laptop. The laptop is folded open feel for a square that you can  bend with you hands.
  • Daredevil
minifigures series 7 Daredevil
The helmet is the only item that this minifigure has that you actually can recognize. If you find other strange shaped items that it could be the Galaxy Patrol this minifig has a also a round helmet but also a laser weapon.
  • Evil Knight
minifigures series 7 Evil Knight
Go for the shield its large  and not round. The only monfogi that has this shaped item in the bag.
  • Galaxy Patrol
minifigures series 7 Galaxy Patrol
The shoulder pads come separate.  The helmet is round. Detect the shoulder parts and the helmet. The combination of the 2 will for sure lead to the galaxy patrol
  • Grandma Visitor / Red riding hood
minifigures series 7  Red riding hood
Her legs are short. This means that this is the only minifigure in the serie where you cannot move the legs.
This means a 100% finding. The basket is also uniquely shaped. If you feel it you know exactly what it is.
  • Hippie
minifigures series 7 hippie
The long hair is the unique piece in this bag of pieces. The flowers are just like the bride. they come in 4 pieces connected together.
  • Jungle Boy / Tarzan / Monkey Boy
minifigures series 7 Tarzan
Feel the monkey with the big tail and again a positive match. I wish it had the monkey from the older lego pirates theme.
This monkey has adjustable legs, arms feet and hands.
  • Ocean King
minifigures series 7 Ocean King
The trident is easy to feel also the tail part as it is long and has a fish fin at the end.
  • Rocker Girl
minifigures series 7 Rocker Girl
Not so many parts here also. in total just 4. The strangest is the guitar the shape is very clear to recognize.
  • Swimming Lady Champion
minifigures series 7  Swimming Lady Champion
The medallion on her chain is difficult to detect. Also her hair is very standard. The most difficult one to identify.
There are no weird parts so if you look it in this way it could be easy to feel.
  • Tennis Ace
minifigures series 7 Tennis dude
Not difficult to recognize. The racket has a very unique shape and is easy to feel.
  • Viking Woman
minifigures series 7 Viking Woman
The shield in combination with the big square leg peice is easy to identify. The aztech dude has a round shield but not a square leg section.


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