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Posted on Jun 24, 2012 | 1 comment

Swap your Lego minifigures.

Are you tired feeling and bump code checking for the minifigure you need to complete your collection..
What if you just could buy a bag without the feeling that you probably picked a minifigure that you already own.
Why is that i hear you thinking.
Because you can swap your minifigures series 1-7 with other collectors and fans in your country.

swap minifigures




swap minifigures series will help you find people who are looking for the minifigures that you have duplicate and the other way around.
This is how it works.
1. You sign up.
2. You select the minifigures that you don’t want anymore and the minifigures you need.
3. Press the swap button and the magic happens!!
4. Scroll through the list of exchange possibilities.
5. If you would like to request a swap select all the persons with who you want to swap with.
6. The other person is being notified that you want to swap.  He can accept or deny your request.
7. Within your own swap page you manage incoming swap requests, outgoing swap requests and the swaps in progress.
8. Share your address details.
9. Mail your minifigure.
10. Mark swap as successfull.

imageCool tips.
— Send a message to the person to see if everything is ok to mail the minifigure.This message is not emailed.
— In the swap selection page we supply swap stats. when you move your mouse over the small image it explains what is means.
— Some indicators for people to swap with; check swap score – check if person has accepted swaps if that is 0 stay away. Use the filter to display persons that logged in the last 3 days.
problems use the contact us form.


1 Comment

  1. I ‘m a very lego fun and I would like to exchange some miniatures

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