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Posted on Apr 16, 2012 | 0 comments

Special Olympic Games Minifigures Series

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We found that the UK are getting a special olympic games minifigures series.

Only 9 different minifigures, all of them have a medal, and they are part of the UK olympic team.

The only new piece is the riding helmet.


Special Minifigures series olympic games

The following minifigures can be found in the bag.

  • Olympic Archer
  • Olympic Boxer
  • Olympic Equestrian Rider
  • Olympic Gymnast
  • Olympic Judo
  • Olympic Relay Runner
  • Olympic Swimmer
  • Olympic Tennis Player
  • Olympic Weight Lifter

I think it is an awesome collection to have. Lets all book our holidays to the UK this year.

Also i am a little jalous that only the UK have their own minifigs.


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