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Posted on Feb 9, 2013 | 0 comments

SWAP Your Minifigures Series

SWAP Your Minifigures Series

Swap Your Minifigures Series with others.

Do you look for a source to trade your minifigures with. Go visit

The Swap Minifigures Series HOW TO  :

1. create an account

2. wait for the email verification email

3. click the link in the verification email

4. Sign In with your email address and the password you have choosen

5. press the HAVE button

6. Choose all the minifigures you Have to swap. press Done when ready. Do this for every series.

7. Choose all the minifugres you Need. press Done when ready. Do this for every series.

8. When in the main dashboard Click the SWAP Button

9. A huge list with all swap possibilities. Go over them or use the filters.

10. Click on the persons name to see the swap history of that person. (enable popups for

11. When you want to swap with that person. Check the checkbox Request swap. Do this for every swap possibility you are interested in.

12. When you checked the checkboxes you go to the bottom or to the top of the page and click the button SEND SWAP REQUESTS. The system will fire request emails to all the persons you have selected.

13. Then you wait.

14. the other person can Accept or Deny your swap request when he or she does this the system will send you an email.

15. When the swap was accepted then login and go to the my swap page. In here you see all outgoing and incoming swaps. You could also receive swap requests you can deny or accept.

16. All at the bottom you see the swap in progress. Click Details to enter your address details. Click Messages to read and send a message to the other person.

17. When you have received the other persons minifigure and the other person recieved your minifigure then you can click the successfull button.

18. If S*** happened then you can press the unsuccessfull button. the system will ask you for a reason.. The reason is shown in the swappers history popup.

If you have a problem or question.. You can always press the contact button and within 12 hours you get an answer or solution from us.

We constantantly are adding new functionalities. And we put those on our facebook page.. So check those out regulary.!!!







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